Strengthen your development program to increase revenues. Yellow Brick Road’s experienced consulting team can help.

We provide services needed for a successful and robust development program:

Donor stewardship enables you to keep those who love you, close, and those who love you more, closer. We can help you create a program which reflects your organization’s culture and keeps your donors engaged. 

A development assessment provides specific ways to improve the internal practices.

A philanthropic assessment tunes your ear to listen to donors to strengthen good customer service practices.

Re-name your annual fund to become your operations fund – ‘annual’ says once a year, ‘operations’ is a more honest investment in your work and outcomes.

Leadership Giving

Strengthen the engagement of your donors who love you more into a cadre of Leadership Donors who give above and beyond operations funding. The more engaged your leadership donors are – and especially if they are also volunteers – the more they invest in the future they want to make happen.

implementing and strengthening your Donor Stewardship program ensures engaging your donors in the future of your organization.

Pre-campaign planning

Improves how you present the project in the case statement in order to maximize donor investment.

Identifies volunteers and campaign leadership.

Provides confidence in your campaign goal.

Cultivates leadership donors and community stakeholders to support your project.

Campaign Counsel

You win a campaign on paper.  Good pre-campaign planning ensures good policies and practices are in place.

Inside Out and Top Down rules of thumb ensure tried-and-true practices that maximize engagement and charitable giving.