“You helped us create an environment within which our decision making was easy.”

“I’ve never experienced a group coming together on our values as we did with your guidance.”

“I’m so glad we hired you as a facilitator. You’ve improved our initial design, made sure everything was arranged and included, and we got more done under your leadership and guidance than we’ve ever accomplished before.”

Facilitation and good meeting design can increase the effectiveness of your meetings and your decision-making by more than 40%.

Using the Technology of Participation techniques, reach agreement on numerous organizational issues.  Use ToP for strategic planning. ToP was developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs, Canada and US.

  • Observation of staff or board meetings, recommendations for greater efficiency and results
  • Design and facilitation for a single or multi-day retreat
  • Large-scale graphics help you “see” your work
  • Facilitation helps your organization focus its work more efficiently and effectively; Training helps build capacity and skills; Consulting adds outside expertise to your internal knowledge.
  • Training your staff and colleagues in facilitation skills is a more effective team builder than experiential games that are designed to build teams

Click on the image below to see a large-scale graphics of a planning map:

Planning Map